Delorey & Levy Contracting Ltd.’s main product line is Greenview Windows, the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly vinyl windows on the market today. We supply and install both commercial and residential replacement windows . The windows generally take 2-3 weeks to make and deliver to our warehouse in Halifax from the time the order is placed . The windows are generally classified as either inserts or full replacements. When installing inserts the old sashes are removed and the insert window with its flush frame is inserted inside your existing window box. We then use low-expanding insulating foam to insulate the entire perimeter of the window. Your existing trim around the inside of the window remains in place. We then install new interior stops and exterior aluminum cladding, your choice of color, and clean up and remove all debris. For full replacements, we remove the entire window box, frame and all, and insulate, seal the exterior, and install new interior trim on the inside which the owner can then paint or stain.

All of our experienced installers are fully covered by Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. Unlike some other companies we do not sub-contract out our window, door, and siding installations. Our employees work is backed by a 10 year warranty, so if you ever have a problem with the installation you can call us directly and we will take care of any problems in a prompt and timely manner. You do not have to go through a third person in order to try and get remediation.

If you are looking just to purchase new windows, doors, or siding from us as a do-it-yourselfer or if you have your own contractor, we will provide all the assistance you need in terms of selection and measurements of the materials for all your renovation and new construction needs.”

For the replacement of entry systems or garden doors we supply and install steel doors manufactured by Masonite doors and featuring a wide selection of glass options made by Novatech glass. The doors and glass are then assembled at our distributors warehouse in Burnside. When installing doors, we remove the whole door slab and frame, and install the new entry system, insulate, and install new interior trim and exterior aluminum cladding. Our patio doors are made by Royal Building Products or Gentek depending on the customers preferences, and like steel entry sytems the delivery time can vary between 2-5 weeks depending on the options chosen. We also supply and install aluminum storm doors coming in several different styles and colors, and with insulated kick panels for maximum energy savings and sturdiness.

For those customers who are looking for masonry work, vinyl siding, eavestrough, or roofing jobs, we have a short list of trusted sub-contractors who have been with us from the start and who share our same philosophy when it comes to doing quality work. They, like us, fully guarantee all their workmanship and take great pride in the work they do.