There has never been a better time to replace your old windows with new Energy-Star rated Greenview vinyl windows from Delorey & Levy.

Firstly, by purchasing energy-efficient Greenview Windows you will save on the high cost of heating your home, now and for years to come. Only Greenview Windows use revolutionary Sol-R glass technology that captures the sun’s passive solar energy and retains the radiant energy inside the house. This limits your heating system usage while ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature and optimal efficiency. Sol-R glass also features a Low E coating that provides a high level of light transmittance and colour neutrality. So you stay warm in winter and stay cool in summer. Their Sol-R glass provides a higher ER (Energy Rating) value and a much lower U-value (the lower the U-Value the better the insulating ability) than traditional Low E and Argon as shown in the chart below.


Secondly, by having Greenview Energy-Star approved windows installed in your house you become eligible for financial rebates under the provincial government’s Home Energy Assessment Rebate program. Before getting your windows replaced you must first have a Home Energy Evaluation done to your home by a qualified energy advisor such as Amerispec. For every energy-star rated window or door you have installed, you are  eligible to receive a $40 rebate per window or door from the provincial government.  There is an initial fee for the first audit in the area of $175-$200, but the follow-up audit is generally free.  For more information click on the following link,

There are many other government programs and loans available to homeowners, some just for seniors, some for low income earners, and some for people who can’t currently afford to undertake energy efficient renovations. The government of Nova Scotia web site, and the Conserve Nova Scotia web site, has much more info on the various programs available.

So as you can see, now is the time to take advantage of these programs while they are still in existence, because they likely won’t be around forever.