Service Warranty

5 Year Workmanship and Service Warranty

Here at Delorey & Levy, we feel customer service is what sets us apart from other home improvement companies in Nova Scotia, It’s not just our friendly estimators, or the professional installers we provide, or the phone service when you have a question or need help with your products. We believe it is the service you receive not just before but after your purchase , giving you peace of mind in your investment of your home and with us.

So what exactly does the 5 year workmanship and service warranty cover?

Our service and workmanship covers the service part of all our products of all of our manufactures product warranties. For example – your window manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty on your glass ( glass breakage, or seal failure ) but only covers the piece of glass. Our service warranty covers the cost of the trip to your house and the labor to replace that piece of glass. Anything covered under the manufacturer’s warranty is covered by our service warranty for up to 5 years. Other companies will charge you a service fee of up to $150.00 after 1 year of your installation. Delorey & Levy gives you 5 years of worry free ownership.

This warranty is in addition to , but runs concurrently with any manufactures warranties. It covers all service calls related to warranty replacements and/or installation issues for the first ten years after product installation date. The Workmanship and Service warranty is non-prorated and non-transferable exception of Green View Window product warranty. The only parts covered under warranty are those covered by the manufacturers’ warranties. This Workmanship and Service Warranty does not cover any damages or materiel failure including, but not limited to , normal weathering, oxidation, Acts of God, fire, flood, impact from foreign objects, chemical pollutants, mildew, structural defects, negligent maintenance or abuse. There will be a service fee charged for services following the expiration of this 5 year warranty or the expiration of the manufactures warranty, This Workmanship and Service Warranty is issued pursuant to a contract signed with Delorey & Levy Windows, Doors, & Siding and does not override any terms and conditions of such contract.

The service warranty only covers manufactures warranted parts and/or services related to the installation of your products, The service warranty does not cover such things as misuse, vandalism, weather (wind,water,sun,or ice) neglect or normal wear and tear items are not covered. For example – the rubber sweep on your storm door. That rubber sweep will wear from normal use of the door. At some point it will need to be replaced. The manufacture does not cover this part, so there is a charge for the rubber sweep. If you choose to have us come out to install the sweep. There will be an additional service charge since this item is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you ever have a question about what is, or is not covered, please contact our office.