“I felt that I had to respond to the excellent service that I received today. Having a screen door that had been damaged in the recent storm I found the name of your company in the yellow pages. I called last week and made an appointment for someone to come out to our home (20 miles from central metro). Arrangements were made for a technician to visit today. You showed up on time. I was fully expecting to be told that (after a cursory inspection) that a new door would be required at $xx number of dollars. On arrival, you se”t about correcting the dame to the existing door. You worked conscientiously for over 30 minutes and were able to restore the door to a condition that was better than the pre-storm” state. When I then asked for your bill for the callout and time spent, I was told “there is no charge”)”

Don Titus

“I have to tell you that your service and commitment to customers is certainly outside the norm in today’s world of “grab every dollar you can, when you can”.”

Ron Hudson

“Living in Hammonds Plains, I have frequently required a service technician to make a house call. The cost of these calls caries between $60 and $95.95, the latter is from a company that actually has its business in Hammonds Plains.”

Marlene Momnbourquette

“I will not hesitate to recommend your Company to any of my friends and neigbours that require the type of services that your provide.”

Michael Holland

“You have once again helped me out and I really appreciate it. My clients are very happy and feel confident about purchasing the home.”

Angie Brown

“Thank you for your promptness (Steve was right on time for the appointment and he is obviously experienced. I’ll talk it over with JoAnn tonight. It does look okay to me. I’ll get back to you.”

Eric Stewart